About Gicleè Printing

Mangrove-Critters-gicleeGicleè is today’s most accurate method of art reproduction. The term is of French origin (pronounced “zhee-clay”) meaning spurt or spray. It refers to newly developed printing technology utilising enhanced ultra-high resolution large format digital inkjet printers for computer controlled application of infinitely small pixels of wide-gamut pigmented ink onto specially treated acid free canvas or art paper.

During printing, several million droplets of ink per second are sprayed on canvas from hundreds of inkjets. Once completed this process produces an extremely smooth and consistent image.

The resulting print boasts an endless array of richly saturated colours with incredible depth and detail. A rigorous proofing process ensures not only near perfect fidelity, but also an astonishingly similar look and feel to the original artwork. However, due to technological limitations, some colours still fall outside of the printable colour spectrum.

Giclees printed on canvas are UV coated for extra protection. The invisible coating will not yellow and will resist cracking. Life span estimates of Giclee prints by independent testing labs indicate over 100 years with no noticeable fading.